July Lunch & Learn: Development and Deliberation

Wed, Jul 10, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
/ Location: Library, Room 1312

Join us for our ​​​​​July Lunch & Learn featuring talks by graduate students in Chemistry and Philosophy! Lunch & Learn is co-sponsored by the Graduate Division, the Graduate Student Association, and the UCSB Library. ​Feed your mind and your stomach while socializing with grad students from across the campus!

Lunch & Learn
This Edition: ​​​Development and Deliberation

Wednesday, July 10
Noon-1 p.m.
Library, Room 1312 (map)
Lunch will be provided
*To help us estimate food, please RSVP*

Development of the Scalable Synthesis of Xestospongin-type Natural Products
Graduate Student in ​Chemistry

The primary goal of my research studies in Prof. Zakarian’s laboratory is the development of synthetic methods for the stereoselective construction of complex molecular frameworks with subsequent application toward the synthesis of biologically relevant compounds.  Specifically, I am focused on the total synthesis of xestospongin and related marine natural products. While this family of compounds has exhibited an intriguing anticancer properties in preliminary studies, an in-depth investigation into their activity has been limited by poor availability from natural resources. In an effort to provide sufficient material for biological studies, we have developed a robust synthetic route to access several members of the xestospongin family from readily available chemicals that delivers multimiligram quantities of the final products. 

Beyond "Trust But Verify": The Philosophical Pitfalls of Taking Others At Their Word

Arnel Blake Batoon
​PhD Student in ​Philosophy

Our quotidian practice of getting information through interlocution leaves us at our interlocutor's mercy and competence. Although some find solace in the platitude "trust but verify", genuine independent verification is often costly, if not impossible. When such verification is easily available, interlocution seems superfluous. Given these pitfalls, what justifies our reliance on interlocution? After introducing the question and highlighting its current and historical significance, I informally sketch how my research on natural laws and natural norms contributes to a positive proposal.

This event will be moderated by​ Shawn Warner-Garcia, Director of Professional Development in the Graduate Division at UCSB.

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