November 3 Lunch & Learn: Comics and Control Algorithms

By Daina Tagavi, Professional Development Peer
Tuesday, October 24, 2017 09:06 AM

Join us for our ​​November Lunch & Learn, featuring talks by graduate students in Feminist Studies & Mechanical Engineering! Lunch & Learn is co-sponsored by the Graduate Division, the Graduate Student Association, and the Library. ​Feed your mind and stomach while socializing with grad students from across the campus!

Lunch & Learn
This Edition: ​Comics and Control Algorithms

​​Friday, ​​November 3
Noon-1 p.m.
Library, Room 1312 (map)
Lunch will be provided
*To help us estimate food, please RSVP*

‘The Panel is Political’: Comics, Graphic Storytelling, and Feminist Theory

Rachel Rys
Graduate Student in ​Feminist Studies

The word “comics” is often narrowly associated with specific genres, such as superhero stories or daily newspaper strips. However, the comics medium is increasingly being used for nonfiction purposes, such as comics journalism, (auto)biography, and even textbooks and pedagogical materials. Rachel’s research examines how the storytelling tools of the comics medium address some of the writing and representational concerns faced by feminist scholars. In this talk, she will discuss how the comics medium can be used to center author reflexivity, materialize bodies and their meanings, and talk about the past and future of feminism in complex and non-linear ways.

Controlling Biological Oscillators​

Bharat Monga
Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering

In this talk, Bharat will describe his optimal timing control algorithm to change the time period of a biological oscillator. He will illustrate how such a control algorithm – when applied to cardiac pacemaker cells, thalamic neurons, and circadian gene regulation cycle – can potentially be used to eliminate cardiac alternans, help with motor symptoms of essential and parkinsonian tremor, and aid in treating jet lag.

This event will be moderated by​ ​​​Shawn Warner-Garcia, who is the Assistant Director of Professional Development in the Graduate Division at UCSB.

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