Lisa Gates of SheNegotiates offers salary negotiation workshop on May 5

By Nicole Poletto, Professional Development Peer
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 02:23 PM

Lisa GatesWhether you're in a job interview or performance review, at a networking event or trying to build your internal influence, how do you tell your story so that it leads to the role and salary you deserve?

Lisa Gates, co-founder of the firm SheNegotiates, will be holding a hands-on workshop for all grad students and postdocs on negotiating salaries after graduation. The workshop will take a deep dive into the five key elements of your Leadership Operating System and you'll get the opportunity to learn and practice negotiation strategies as well as breathe new life into your career potential. 

The takeaways:

  • Build a Superpower Story that demonstrates your strengths in action;
  • Cultivate and use your influence posse to get the connections, support, and credit you deserve;
  • Implement simple, repeatable negotiation strategies to help you get to agreement.

Career Oxygen: Negotiation & Leadership Strategies for ​​PhDs

Friday, May 5
9:30 a.m.-noon

UCen Santa Barbara Harbor Room (view map)
*Space is limited, so please RSVP here*

Please note that although SheNegotiates provides business and salary coaching primarily to women in the workplace, grad students and postdocs of all genders are welcome at this event!

Lisa Gates is co-founder of SheNegotiates, an executive coaching and negotiation consulting and training company whose mission is to close the income and leadership gaps for women. The work of SheNegotiates has been featured everywhere from NPR to the New York Times, often focusing on strategies, tactics, and advice for women navigating the gender landscape in the workplace. Lisa is the author of four video courses at and LinkedIn Learning, including Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Fundamentals, Conflict Resolution Fundamentals, and Coaching and Developing Employees.

Interested in gaining more career resources? Consider attending the Beyond Academia conference on May 5-6, an annual event aimed at preparing graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in all stages and disciplines to pursue a wide range of career options after graduate school. Registration for the conference closes on Friday, April 28.

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