Virtual Sessions and Career Opportunities at McKinsey and Co.

by Vash Doshi, Graduate Career Peer
Friday, May 08, 2020 8:45 AM


Meet McKinsey Webinars

The McKinsey Black Network (MBN) and the Hispanic & Latino Network (HLN) are excited to launch the Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series that will kick off May through August 2020! The series will provide a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about McKinsey and Co. as a firm and what they do, as well as get to know consultants and recruiters in each of their regions and practices. Bring your questions and join them for a chance to connect!

 1. Wed, 5/13 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: West Coast Region
 2. Wed, 5/20 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: Marketing and Sales Practice
 3. Mon, 6/1 - Mentorship led by Diversity Recruiting team
 4. Mon, 6/8 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: McKinsey Digital
 5. Wed, 6/15 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: Northeast Region
 6. Mon, 6/2 - Intro to McKinsey’s Diversity Communities: GLAM (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer at McKinsey
 7. Wed, 6/24 - How You Fit at McKinsey: Non-Traditional Backgrounds
 8. Wed, 7/15 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: Southern Region
 9. Mon, 7/20 - The First Year at the Firm and the Journey Beyond
10. Wed, 7/29 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: Midwest Region
11. Wed, 8/5 - Meet McKinsey’s Offices & Practices: Ops/MI
12. Wed, 8/19 - Intro to McKinsey’s Diversity Communities: Women at McKinsey
13. Wed, 8/26 - Open Q&A: How to get the Job/Prepare for interviews

Click here to sign up for the webinars (please sign up 24 hours in advance).

Global Opportunities

McKinsey is designed to operate as a single global partnership united by a strong set of values. Whether you join as a business analyst in Stockholm, a data engineer in Prague or an expert in Sao Paulo, you will receive exceptional training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring. From day one you will be involved in meaningful work within a strong global network. Their consulting roles include what is considered ‘traditional’ strategy consulting roles, but ​they are also hiring designers, data scientists, coders, implementation coaches, and many more.

As you consider your next steps, ​check out the many opportunities ​they offer in ​their 120+ offices. To learn about McKinsey’s global presence and the work the do around the world, visit here.

Full-Time Opportunities with McKinsey:

Global Associate
Full-time Role
Deadline to Apply - July 12, 2020
Apply here

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