Opportunities to present graduate student work at UCSB's Spatial Center

By Daina Tagavi, Professional Development Peer
Monday, November 26, 2018 3:00 PM

The Spatial Center isn’t simply a branch of the UCSB Geography Department. Founded in 2007 by Professor Mike Goodchild, it is a cross- and inter-disciplinary center that brings together thinkers and doers from across (and off) campus to consider, apply, and promote novel ways to infuse a spatial perspective into all kinds of research. This demands that students engage in collaborative research, round-table exchanges, and educational activities to further enhance our spatial tools. What kind of research, which techniques, and what new products could emerge from this coalescence of perspectives on geographic information? That you may only discover by taking part in some of its current activities, most frequent of which are:

Academic Presentations (ThinkSpatial): ThinkSpatial is the Center’s bedrock. Informal noon-time presentations that feature theories, concepts, tools, and applications for spatial thinking, these presentations span across disciplines—from the natural and the social sciences to the humanities. Please contact Werner Kuhn, werner@ucsb.edu, to review and schedule possible discussion topics or presentations that share your disciplinary interest in spatial thinking. To subscribe to this mailing list, please click here (scroll to the bottom for the form)!

Spatial Tech Lunches: Like the GradDiv Lunch ​& Learn, the Tech Lunch offers graduate students whose work has a spatial angle a stage to present their work. This monthly graduate forum by students, for students, enables people across campus and the local community to share tools and techniques for spatial analysis, mapping, or spatial perspectives in uncommon fields. Lunch is provided! To subscribe to the mailing list for Spatial Tech Lunches, please click here (scroll to the bottom for the form). ​The Spatial Center heartily welcome proposals to speak at a Tech Lunch. If you are interested, please email Anagha Uppal at auppal@ucsb.edu

On Wednesday, November 28, from 12:00–1:00 pm please join The Spatial Center for the next Spatial Technology Lunch in the Center for Spatial Studies (Phelps Hall 3512)Please RSVP here. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.