Call for Teaching Associates in all research disciplines

By Nicole Poletto, Professional Development Peer
Monday, August 28, 2017 10:17 AM

The Office of Summer Sessions is recruiting graduate students to teach INT 93LS courses in Summer 2018. This is a 4-week pre-college program, Science and Engineering Research Academy (SERA), which will now offer a humanities/social sciences track beginning in 2018. 

This program provides qualified high school students (residential and commuter) an introduction to the research enterprise through project‐based, directed research in various fields. It is designed to provide a hands‐on experience and professional development by allowing students to choose and develop a research topic specific to the program track (e.g., Nanotechnology, Marine Biology, Global Studies etc.) they select under the direction of the Teaching Associate and Teaching Assistant (TA).

Applicants will submit research topics and design ​the 4-week course. If selected, applicants will have the academic year to develop the course once research topics are finalized. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Doctoral degree objective must be in a STEM, humanities or social sciences related field.
  • Master’s degree or advancement to candidacy (by Spring 2018)
  • One year teaching experience as a Teaching Assistant
  • Must have enrolled status Spring and Fall 2018
  • Strong desire to teach at a university level 

To Apply: Submit the following documents (electronically) to Jennifer Blakemore (
1. Updated CV
2. Teaching philosophy (1 page)
3. Short course description that a) outlines the general theme with sample topics that will be covered in the class; b) sample list of labs to be performed by students; and, c) sample research questions that students could investigate during the program. (1 page)

Deadline for primary consideration: Monday, October 2, 2018

Salary: $4,361 (with advancement to candidacy) or $4,143 (without advancement to candidacy)

See the flyer for more details and information here.