Part-time opportunity with SONOS

By Erik Martinez, Graduate Career Peer
Wednesday, July 05, 2017 9:30 AM

Are you looking for a part-time job with flexible hours? Look no more! Sonos is looking to hire a part-time Live Chat Specialist.

The Live Chat Specialist will be responsible for engaging in meaningful chat conversations with customers visiting Primarily, the role will be centered on educating, assisting, and converting customers with product-related sales questions or order issues. Quality candidates will be able to participate in multiple chat conversations simultaneously, while delivering the right information at the right time to each customer.

At Sonos – whether you’re a customer, partner, employee, or contractor – the experience comes first. ​They are looking for the next generation of sound, ​and that means university students who are completely capable of geeking out on music. How you get it. How you can use it to amp up your life. And most crucially, how it sounds. As a Live Chat Agent, you’ll provide a personal and authentic experience to ​Sonos customers. Your goal will be to make sure customers walk away feeling valued, heard, and with such a deep understanding of Sonos that they’ll know whether Sonos is the right fit for them.

Just as Sonos Trueplay customizes the sound for a specific room, you’ll customize each customer's experience. You will take the time to understand the customer’s specific needs, and consult on the right experience based on what you know is important to each person. In doing so, you’ll develop all customers into Sonos promoters, regardless of the ultimate outcome. 

If this sounds like something you could get on board with, apply now by:

  • Writing a one-page paper on how music and technology play a role in your life.
  • Polishing/creating your resume, tailored to what you think might spark Sonos' interests.

Email both to If there is a strong match, you'll be invited for a first phone interview.